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Friday Night Dinner at the Wenham Tea House

Notes from the Cellar

Happy happy, Joy joy,

Thanks to  Paul Doble of Grape Moments for the Port and Portuguese Wine tasting this past Saturday. We sold a lot of port and Wine and everyone who came seemed to like what they tasted.

Bob Huey from Cynthia Hurley Wines will be here this Saturday to taste us on some great French wines. Cynthia Hurley had spent a lot of time in France before her passing and has built up a great portfolio of wines. Many of these wines are small production, Boutique choices and Bob Huey is well versed in these selections. Come on by from 2:30- 5:30pm. to try some good French Vino.

Matt Maguire will be here to taste us on some yummy Beer’s onThursday so come by and check out whats new.

Once again this Friday, dinner at the Wenham Tea House.
Reservations are recommended, dinner starts at 5pm., Early Birds take an additional 10% off before 6pm., we will beseating until 9pm. This is a $39.00 per person Prix Fix and I will be writing a small custom wine list for this so call the Tea House @ 978-468-1398 to book your table today!

Have a Blind Wine tasting at home with the “Blind” Wine Club. Bags are available to purchase but are limited, $50.00 for 4 wines which are all Red for this Month.

Lastly, I have built a new display for our Top Rated sectionin the Corner next to the tasting area, It provides more space and a visually and more functionally attractive space to shop for special wines. As I said last year at this time, If you are considering consuming less for a New Years resolution, consider Quality over Quantity and treat yourself to some nice wines. Below is a Picture of what it looks like now.

Fun Wine Fact;

Madiran is a totally under-appreciated wine region in Southwest France. These lusty wines are ideal for cold weather, when roasts, stews, hearty soups and smelly, strong cheeses are on the menu!  They are also terrific values, deeply hued red wines that offer real bang for the buck. The secret to these rustic gems is its principal grape, Tannat, and as its name suggests, it is tannic; you know that puckery feeling on the palate one senses when drinking an inky dark young wine.  Well with the addition of some other grapes, Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon and some tricks in the winery, today’s Madiran wine producers can release wines of great depth, but not too tannic in their youth, and while delicious drunk young, some of these wines have great ageing potential of a decade or two more. So go out, pick up one, and enjoy it with your next winter warming meal.

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