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Happy “Post” Groundhog Day!

That’s right folks, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so Spring is coming early! That’s of course if you believethat rodents can determine weather patterns, and about this time of year I’d like to believe anything that tells me this is almost over:) But all kidding aside we have had it somewhat easy, not like last year’s mild temperatures but not much snow though Friday may change that, and for me it is somewhat comforting to think we can still have a winter. Once again, Drink some Wine and Beer to keep yourself warm and happy!!

Thanks So Much for all who turned out to taste Spanish Wine last Saturday. We had a tremendous turnout and the Wines were well received, so well received that we ran out of a couple wines well before the tasting ended and for that I am sorry. Some times I buy wines that are being closed out,whether it is to make room for a new vintage or at the original price it did not catch on and in either event you are the benefactor of this good fortune. My only regret is not Buying more of it but many times there is not much to buy and when it does return in the form of a new vintage the price usually goes up and might not show as well as the previous wine. To those of you who were able to purchase these wines Congrats! And for the rest of you keep your Eyes open for these treats.

This Saturday Bill Hoey from Masciarelli Wine will be here to taste us on some yummy wine with an eye on Valentines day.I have purchased some great Gift Bags and Boxes to make that special purchase even more special, and a shout out to the Guys who fret over what to buy that special someone and want to do something other than Flowers or Chocolate or in addition too, A great Bottle of Wine in a sleek gift package is a great alternative that you can share together. And for you ladies us guys really like Wine or Beer anytime of the year and don’t even mind sharing it with you:)

Once again this Friday, dinner at the Wenham Tea House.
Reservations are recommended, dinner starts at 5pm., Early Birds take an additional 10% off before 6pm., we will beseating until 9pm. This is a $39.00 per person Prix Fix and I will be writing a small custom wine list for this so call the Tea House @ 978-468-1398 to book your table. Chris Keohane will send a Newsletter out with information on this weeks menu.

Matt will be tasting some Beer this Thursday as always, New Beer arrivals and News will have all the details and check out the New Singles Beer section by the Cigar Vault, This space has over 25 single beers to choose from to build your own 6-pack or to try a single Beer just to check it out and see if you will like it.

Fun Wine Fact;
Demi-Sec: A term describing sweetness in Champagne. It can be misleading; although demi-sec literally means “half-dry,” demi-sec sparkling wines are usually slightly sweet to medium-sweet. The scale, from driest to sweetest, is: Extra Brut, Brut, Extra-Dry, Sec, Demi-Sec and Doux.

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Who doesn’t like Bubbles?

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